Welcome to M2 Ingredients

M2 Ingredients specializes in the growing and processing of 9 different species of medicinal mushrooms.  Our Certified 100% Organic production facility is located in San Marcos, California in beautiful San Diego County.  M2 Ingredients are distributed world wide as nutritional supplements and as food additives in the human and animal product marketplace. 

A growing body of research has verified the wide range of biological activities attributed to medicinal mushrooms.   Unique beta glucan and polysaccharide compounds found in medicinal mushrooms contribute to the support of a healthy and balanced immune system.  Increased energy and vitality, liver support, neurological support and respiratory support are other areas that have been well-documented in peer-reviewed science journals.   High levels of the super-antioxidant “L-Ergothioneine” aka L-ergo and other antioxidant compounds make M2 Ingredients products ideal for the mitigation of oxidative stress.

Increasing media attention and public interest in the health-promoting properties of  mushrooms prompted the staff of the Dr. Oz Show to call on our Mycologist Steve Farrar to provide information for a 2009 show that featured Cordyceps Mushrooms as “Top Five Best Cures from Around the Globe”.  Dr. Oz has followed with segments on our King Trumpet Mushroom – “Best Superfoods for Anti-Aging”, and also on the Maitake Mushroom for its role in weight control.  Other well-known health experts such as Dr. Andrew Weil also expound on the impressive health benefits of mushrooms.  Asian and medicinal mushrooms are key components of Dr. Weil’s well-known “Anti-inflammatory Food Pyramid”. 

Expert Team

The M2 Ingredients has formed a  Scientific Advisory Board that includes Dr. Sheldon Hendler, MD., Ph.D., author and editor of PDR for Nutritional Supplements and editor of the Journal  of Medicinal Foods as well as Dennis J. Carlo, PhD. – Immunologist and founding father of biotechnology. 

Led by CEO and health expert Sandra Carter, MA, MPH, Ph.D and Mycologist Steve Farrar – who has over 30 years of experience in growing and processing mushrooms, the  M2 Ingredients team members combine their talents and expertise to provide medicinal mushroom products that can be customized for the natural product marketplace.

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